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How Many 2 way radios Can Run on one Channel?

Theoretically, you can use an unlimited amount of walkie-talkies on the same channel (although in practice you might experience a few problems if you took that suggestion literally). Basically, there isn’€™t really a set limit. You could use as many as you like provided they are set up correctly. Anybody set to the right channel […]

City faces decision on radio infrastructure

So to carry on my run of content on this blog, I’ve planned to share one of our favourite posts this week. I used to be cautious to include it to the website as I actually didn’t wish to offend the initial author, but I hope he/she is glad that I loved reading their article […]

what does earpiece mean?

In general, an earpiece refers to any products that functions by either hanging by the ear or covering it. People use the phrase to refer to products that are used to block the entry of water or sound into the ear. It also refers to the part of eye glasses that extends and fits on […]

Benefits of Two Way Radios to the Hotel Industry

Over the years, hotel communication has had to change and develop, becoming more and more efficient than it was. This is courtesy of the advancement in technology over these years. Passed are the days that two way radios were exclusively for police official use. Nowadays, these pieces of technology that have been improved and made […]

Whats’s a Covert Earpiece?

Anyway ladies and gentlemen, i have one more brilliant earpiece piece of writing to read, i know, you don’t have to thank me each and every one, just add a social like to the piece to illustrate your appreciation. A covert earpiece is a miniature earpiece worn by an individual while being effectively hidden from […]

What is a Communications Engineering

Communications engineering is a disparate array of technological disciplines brought together under one all-encompassing banner. The disciplines considered to be part of a communication engineer’s skill set include telecommunications, mobile phone networks and Internet maintenance (but are by no means limited to those examples). As we wrote earlier this month, any technology that aids in […]

What Does Two Way Radio Mean?

A two way radio is one that can transmit and receive. It is also called a transceiver. The two way radio definition encompasses most of the wireless or cellular systems. Portable devices which use the two way radio system are called walkie talkies or handie-talkies. The transmitter on a two way radio device is turned […]

Do Bluetooth Earpieces Cause Cancer?

The old adage that ‘mobile phone emissions can cause cancer’ is a commonly held belief that doesn’t actually have a huge amount of evidence behind it. Nevertheless, a lot of people genuinely believe that they can/will develop cancer after extensive use of a mobile phone. Amazingly, this does little or nothing to deter these very […]

A Martian Tribute

Professor Steve Squyres of New York’s Cornell University has named a beautiful piece of Martian landscape after his recently departed friend and colleague, the British scientist Colin Pillinger. Squyres, who leads the team in charge of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover, felt that naming a portion of the red planet in honour of his friend would […]

What Is a Couplant?

This article is posted with the faithful permission of, that is the original site. please get permission from that website before reposting this editorial. A couplant is a material that serves as a medium for the transmission of sound waves. Usually, couplant gel is a form of water-based substance, or a paste composed of […]