what does earpiece mean?

In general, an earpiece refers to any products that functions by either hanging by the ear or covering it. People use the phrase to refer to products that are used to block the entry of water or sound into the ear. It also refers to the part of eye glasses that extends and fits on the ear. However, even though there are many meanings, it is most commonly used in the electronics world. This is a gadget that coverts electronic signals into sound waves and then directs them into the ear for the user. There are many types of electronic earpieces that can be found in stores both on and offline. In fact, you will be baffled to find out the variation in designs, functionality and other features.

Several decades ago, the earpiece was the only product that could be used to listen to audio signals that are generated electronically. However, with the invention of things such as amplifiers, they were reduced to personal preference than necessity. This is the reason why anyone who uses them does so because the either would like to listen to the audio alone or they just do not want to bother others. One of the most obvious things to note is that they are used specifically where privacy is required. Some other terms used to refer to the earpiece include a headphone, ear buds, headsets, stereo phones and many others.


There are two main categories of earpieces – the wired and the cordless types. The cordless type utilizes special waves such as infrared or radio waves to transmit the audio from its source to the ear. You can find such product for almost every audio player. Whether you are using a CD player, a phone or computers you always will find something that can be used for this propose. Their also must be a signal connection link in order for the cordless type to function. For instance, most people use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

As for the wired type, you need to ensure that it has been physically attached to the signal source. You need jacks at the end of each cord in order to facilitate this. The best part is that jacks have been standardized and so, you do not have to worry about what fits in your layer. However, you need to know that there are jacks that are only used for professional equipments and so they might not be useful for other situations. Your choice between the two categories depends on your current situation and the specific media players that you are using. You might even want to use a combination of both.

3D sound effect

Owing to the way that it is inserted into the ear, the earpiece makes the brain to assume that the sound is I a straight line between the ears and so, you might not hear the three dimensional sound effects that are produced by the original player. This is because the sound is fed directly into the eardrum.